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Video games in MH

Published May 3, 2022

Video games in MH

Just A game or a suicide prevention tool ?

“Video games provide connection, a critical aspect of mental health, feeling like you are part of a community of like-minded people who value your participation and share your goal within the game.”

This doesn’t include specific therapeutic games only it includes commercial video games that could relieve stress such as Pokémon or the Muse. These games could fill in existing gaps in mental health treatment, particularly for depression and anxiety.
Researchers form lero, The Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for software, found evidence that video games could help alleviate symptoms of depression, such as the loss of pleasure. The games Minecraft and Animal crossing also fostered social connections and reduced loneliness.

Some games were designed specifically for mental health purposes, one of these games is EVO: EVO so powerful, that it could potentially help treat children with ADHD, as a prescription-based video game. EVO is still being examined, it’s not released yet, it is still going through many trials processes that are required by the FDA for any kind of drug or medical device. The game is currently in phase III clinical trials, which means this isn’t a done deal yet.

In conclusion, video games could be the new future of medicine and could help with severe illnesses and could be prescribed as suicide prevention tool.

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