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20 min. suicide treatment

Published July 4, 2022

20 min. suicide treatment

The pandemic has increased the prevalence of anxiety and depression, there are many people who are at risk for suicide. It has already increased the amount of people who are struggling with OCD and more people are being isolated, and not getting the support they need.The ongoing pandemic is taking its toll on many people's mental health. Dr. Aron Tendler, chief medical officer of medical technology company BrainsWay, joins CBSN during National Suicide Prevention Week to discuss technologies that can improve mental health while identify suicide ideation.

This is how the treatment works; ‘ Instead of trying to increase the amount of some of the chemicals in the brain that go through the whole body which are neurotransmitters this treatment directly acts on the neurons it uses magnetic pulses just like an MRI and it stimulates the neurons that are underneath the magnet so it directly increases the activities of the neurons, that are not acting the way they normally would. So, if you think of depression as an area in the brain which is under active, it increases the activity of those neurons underneath the magnet. And when the person comes in every day for 20 minutes, sits in the chair for 20 minutes of the day and for those 20 minutes we're making that area and the brain active, and the person comes in generally for 36 sessions. About 75 percent of those people will have a response to their depression by the end of the treatment this is after having failed four more medications and similarly with obsessive-compulsive disorder we have similar results.’

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