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Scented Video Games

Published May 30, 2022

Scented Video Games

Would you rather play your game with regular joystick?
or spice up your adventure and smell the environment of your gameplay too?

That is the extra thing that scientists have been trying to apply, to enhance the quality of gaming they decided to work on artificial odorants that stimulates the same smells on the gam environment!

If you are playing Minecraft and you are in the jungle , you would smell the trees and water running in rivers!

The idea is achievable by tagging specific DNA-based artificial odorants – chemical compounds that give off smells – with nanoparticles that respond to external electromagnetic fields.

On the go, A Texas startup HAPTICSOL, started the project called Cilia.
Six artificial smelly oils that can be refilled packed in a 3d printed box are enough to do the job.
The oils are released on a pre-programmed timing according to the various gameplays, to make a suitable environment for the player.
The odors were tested and they highly match the naturals ones like grass, waterfalls and even coffee.

Technology never fail to complete human desires, day after day few developments can make a huge impact. Nanotechnology helped in achieving a science fiction that was resided for years, but now you can just choose your next adventure from only playing a unique video game with Cilia on!

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