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Discover your Psyche

Published May 26, 2022

Discover your Psyche

“Can I do all this work alone? I feel very depressed, and I want to quit very soon”.  “Oh my god, I need to manage my time and do my best to finish this work early and exploit my extra time”.

 These two sentences were said by two of my friends.


Their reaction to the work stress was totally different, what do you think control that reaction?!

A writer called “Carol Dweck” published a book “The New Psychology of success” which shows the power of our basic beliefs whether conscious or subconscious. She said that the control unit of these beliefs is “the mindsets”.


 The term mindset or “psyche” means the way we think or the mental attitude. There are two types of mindsets: fixed and growth mindset. Believing that your qualities are changeable, and your ambition is unstoppable are cultivated in your growth mindset. In another word, growth mindset is a starting point for development.


On the other hand, consumed mindset” the fixed one” that act as a burden which makes us afraid of failing, being judged, and feeling like will I be accepted or rejected. Both mindsets are so important but what we take care of is what will dominate.

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