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Tech & Sport

Published May 19, 2022

Tech & Sport

Science and technology are playing an increasing role in helping athletes maximize performance.


Biofeedback Training Another way to improve athletic performance is through the use of computer simulators and biofeedback devices, which have been developed to allow athletes to train in realistic scenarios while providing essential feedback necessary to improve performance. This technology has been used to enhance training in a number of sports.


Wearable and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in sports open a new era in athlete’s training, not only for performance monitoring and evaluation but also for fitness assessment. These technologies rely on sensor systems that collect, process and transmit relevant data, such as biomarkers and/or other performance indicators that are crucial to evaluate the evolution of the athlete’s condition, and therefore potentiate their performance.

From the 280 studies initially identified, 20 were fully examined in terms of hardware and software and their applicability for fitness assessment. Results have shown that wearable and IoT technologies have been used in sports not only for fitness assessment but also for monitoring the athlete’s internal and external workloads.


Examples of this are the manufacture of sports equipment, for example, in the gym, insulating devices that target the required muscle, and where technology is also abundant for the trainees in the accounts, where there are programs for calculating calories, programs for online training, and so on.


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