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Self-Healing Batteries

Published May 7, 2022

Self-Healing Batteries

"Self-healing is very important for the survival and long lifetimes of animals and plants," said Chao Wang, a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford

Nature always works on repairing itself after every damage, but can we do the same towards our energy resources?
That is what the future in clean energy is hoping to achieve one day, by introducing self-healing batteries.

Batteries are categorized as Electrochemical Energy storage,
by putting particular chemicals in touch with each other in a precise way, a battery may convert chemical energy to electricity. Under the correct conditions, electrons, which are tiny portions of atoms, will migrate from one type of chemical to another. When electrons flow, an electrical current is created, which can be used to power things. A battery works by putting the correct chemicals in the right places and then putting a barrier between them. The electrons can only flow when the two sides of a battery are connected by a wire or another conductor.

Scientists in the past 10 years have been working on making batteries self-repair themselves from damages. This trait is particularly appealing for improving the durability of rechargeable Li-ion batteries (LIBs) or Na-ion batteries (SIBs), in which high-performing anode active materials (silicon, phosphorus, and so on) are substantially influenced by volume expansion and phase shifts following ion insertion.

Two different projects have been working on the issue with different goals, companies HIDDEN and

BAT4EVER aims to develop revolutionary nanostructured and self-healing polymer-supported battery materials as well as innovative Ionogels embedded and self-healing battery components.


With the help of three self-healing mechanisms – TILC (thermotropic ionic liquid crystals), piezoelectric separators, and protective additives – the HIDDEN project attempts to prevent dendrite formation in Lithium Metal Batteries (LMB).

All in all, our world is aiming for a better and a clean future. Energy consumption is a way to go with, approaching such a technology will develop many aspects
in batteries world, and our world too…

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