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Space Junk

Published May 3, 2022

Space Junk

Do you ask yourself what happened to our old satellite, rocket and vehicle that travelled into space?

It's now a SPACE JUNK!
Space junk, also called orbital debris or space trash, is a collection of objects made by humans that are in orbit in space. It has more than type These materials range in size, from some as small as 0.4 inches to some as big as 4 inches.
Often Space junk takes the form of broken rockets and satellites, as well as bits of metal.Space junk Space junk exists in different areas of the orbit, some further away from the earth and some nearer.
Those objects move at a high speed that can be up to 4 miles per second.
At such staggering speeds a tiny fleck of paint could deliver a punch similar to a 550 pounds object moving at 60 miles per hour.
Such tiny specks in space can impact damage to useful satellites and their components.
To reduce Space junk in the recent past different space exploration organizations like NASA have worked with the aim of reducing the amount of space junk added to the Earth’s orbit, through implementation of better designs. Japan, China, France, Russia, and the European Space Agency have issued guidelines on ways to cut back on orbital debris.
Cleaning the already existing debris in orbit is the biggest challenge because of the high financial cost. A proposal of using a laser to give a path shifting push that would not damage the object is seen as feasible.

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